Quentin has been extremely helpful at a pivotal stage of my career. He combines big picture and strategic thinking with actionable guidance and a personable approach. The wellbeing and interests of his clients are always paramount and the quality of his advice is very high.

He makes you stop on the constant treadmill of life and career and start thinking about fundamental issues: what drives and motivates you and what are the most efficient ways to achieve your goals. I highly appreciate his pragmatic approach, which many executive coaches lack (in my past experience).

I highly recommend Quentin to anyone who wants to have deeper understanding of their career goals.

Evgenia Molotova
Senior Investment Manager

[Quentin] has been exceptional – a perfect blend of knowledgeable, consultative, inspirational, challenging and the ability to give us all a bit of a push when we need it!

Moira Brown
Chief HR Officer

I’ve worked with Quentin for years now and I’ve greatly enjoyed his ability to get me to think more systemically and at a higher level than the day to day work often allows.

Ben Wielgus
Head of Sustainability

From day one Quentin showed a great appetite to really understand the two cultures and business objectives. He brought with him a vast amount of experience and techniques but was very open and flexible to suggestions and ideas to adapt to the way we work. Always probing, always listening and always thinking, Quentin teased out the data we needed, never afraid to ask the difficult questions.

Graeme Jerome-Ball
Director of Global Branding

Working with Quentin as an executive coach proved to be incredibly insightful. With a patient ear and a few well placed questions, he has an uncanny knack of being able to succinctly summarise complex interpersonal challenges in ways that helped me more fully understand myself, and make meaningful change.

Name on request

Quentin’s understanding and experience of the culture of the financial industry and how it operates around the world, as well as his depth of academic knowledge and ability to apply it in ‘real world’ scenarios were critical to the [team facilitation] program’s success.

William Cunningham
Deutsche Bank

I very much recommend Quentin’s thought leadership and his gift for uncovering new paths to engagement and best practice. He has an amazing way of shaping and framing ideas to enhance clarity of thinking and deliver robust outcomes. Quentin is a trusted authority in his field, and has the depth – of knowledge, perspective, and experience – that comes from helping senior teams and boards make the most of new opportunities.

Kate Bohn
Lloyds Banking Group

Quentin draws on his wealth of experience as both a leader and a coach to challenge thinking and reveal a new direction. He has lots of practical advice for improving communication, engaging with stakeholders, and shaping a vision.

Helen Baker

Quentin is by far the most inspirational manager I had at UBS. His leadership paved the way for the transformation of our global department and the introduction of highly innovative client products, such as the winner of the Extel Survey #1 Brokerage Firm Web Site award.

Alex Bradshaw

[Leading a US$20m-plus product enhancement initiative] Quentin rapidly assessed the organizational, interpersonal and technological challenges faced by this global team and led the efforts to enable this team. The outstanding feature of Quentin is his ability to simplify complex information and articulate this into actionable intelligence.

Tom Diamante
Merrill Lynch

Quentin is an excellent Business Analyst, Project Manager and leader. His communication skills are top notch and he is able to lead large teams on significant global projects.

Peter Cook
Executive, International Officer

Quentin has the rare and unusual talent of understanding both the business world and the technology world. He has initiative and drive but is also a great team player.

John Donald
Head of Research
Jardine Fleming

Quentin has been fathoming the ethical depths and culture of the ‘300 trained killers’ (as the Chelsea Pensioners have described themselves) here at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. We have been here looking after retired veteran soldiers for 325 years in Sir Christopher Wren’s beautifully designed building within 66 acres of grounds.

Our operations have been constantly adapting to changes in the external environment, but recently that change has accelerated. Quentin has been helping us to explore our heritage and the values that support it. He is helping us to adapt to present and future conditions.

His practical, intelligent, and sensitive approach builds on an appreciation of the positive aspects of our culture, then gently shows us new fruitful directions, and shares his learning from other sectors.

His assistance has been invaluable in enabling the accelerated evolution we need while honouring our tradition, so we are prepared for the next 300 years. It is tough audience here, but guess we would give him a standing ovation.

Gary Lashko
Chief Executive Officer
Royal Hospital Chelsea

As an astute professional in the research / financial services industry, Quentin saw an opportunity to change the scale of our [Thomson Reuters] services and the sector in general. From a Hong Kong / Asia base, he was instrumental in globalizing what had been a set of regional services.

Andrew Miller
Managing Director
Thomson Reuters

Quentin’s session on Personal Impact which he delivered as part of our personal and professional development programme was first rate. He expertly deconstructed complex subjects making them simple and easy to digest. I look forward to having him back next year.

James Jones
The Future Group

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