Our Value

Trusted advisers, we roll up our sleeves and find ways to make culture an invaluable asset. Our know-how allows teams to unite across departments and levels to secure the outcomes they desire.

We tackle big questions

Our work adds value wherever new thinking, behaviour, or practice is required.

This need arises when a team seeks to respond to or capitalise on disruption, execute a radical business strategy, or make lasting changes in how work is performed or managed.

Calls for evolution in culture often revolve around what is good for colleagues, the business, and/or the environment.


Boost well-being

Nurture belonging

Champion diversity

Unite after merger


Enable new strategy

Elevate performance

Manage costs or risks

Strengthen leadership


Increase sustainability

Align with regulators

Step up governance

Ensure ethical conduct

We build to last

We connect and align strategy, leadership, and practice, so that managers have the resources and ‘grip’ required to nurture shifts in culture, now and into the future.


Unite and direct

Clarity of direction allows teams to unite around an agreed purpose, make sound decisions, do work that yields desired value, and act in ways that support the mission.


Inspire and guide

Leadership and management standards, practice, and systems equip managers to inspire, guide, and hold to account their team members and other colleagues.


Enrich and encourage

Evolution happens on the ground, not in the boardroom. We find out what days are really like, then help build an environment where people can do their best work.

We navigate complexity

We make sense of complex questions, bring people together, and find ways forward.

Find what matters

Impartially, research and clarify the unspoken demands of diverse stakeholders.

Unravel complexity

With imagination, interpret industry trends and reconcile competing expectations.

Question thinking

Challenge the status quo, seeking a view of the future unconstrained by the past.

Talk in plain English

Speak with common sense, direct attention to key questions, and push for clear outcomes.

Secure agreement

Mindful of personal agendas, cut through office politics to secure commitment to action.

Move at pace

Deploy proven structure to get around logjams, allowing teams to act with confidence.

We care about results

What we as advisers ‘do’ is irrelevant. What matters is the benefit that a company derives from our expertise and effort. We care about your outcomes.


We design outcomes to create real value: for people, the business, and the environment.


Teams do more within a culture that fits the environment and enables their ambitions.


As we go along, we also strengthen the levers of change, to make future evolution easier.

We make things simple

Every situation is different, so (inevitably!) we tailor our work to fit current reality and future ambitions. We listen and talk, explore questions as they emerge, and then tackle the real issues.

Our commitment at Marble Brook is, for teams within ambitious companies, to lessen the burden and elevate the impact of change. Our off-the-shelf products are a no-nonsense way to start.