Strengths Inventory

The Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) reveals motives and strengths, and gives insight into the relationships between individuals and within teams.
Core Strengths SDI tool


The Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) reveals motives and strengths of individuals and teams, and gives into into relationship dynamics and gaps.


Three high-level motives, or values, drive choices and behaviour: performance (red), people (blue), and process (green).

SDI probes motives under conditions of both ease and stress, and shows how a person deploys 28 strengths at work.

In practice

We invite an individual or team members to take the SDI diagnostic.

Results come online and in a report. Our spot coaching session covers a person’s strengths and motives and offers insight into relationships, leadership, and effectiveness.

For teams, our workshop is a chance to explore group strengths and dynamics, and to build cohesion and leadership capacity.

Responsible for culture or change?

Let us answer your questions about culture, leadership, and change in a 30-minute consultation, designed for managers who want to make culture an asset. Request no-obligation call.

I’ve worked with Quentin for years now and I’ve greatly enjoyed his ability to get me to think more systemically and at a higher level than the day to day work often allows.

Ben Wielgus
Head of Sustainability

Quentin draws on his wealth of experience as both a leader and a coach to challenge thinking and reveal a new direction. He has lots of practical advice for improving communication, engaging with stakeholders, and shaping a vision.

Helen Baker

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