Stakeholder Confidential

For an executive or senior manager, we collect from colleagues and other stakeholders verbal feedback on performance, then we write an account with our recommendations.
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Our confidential stakeholder review uses structured interviews to explore a person’s strengths, risks, and growth possibilities within a particular role and culture.

The synthesis of colleagues’ and outsiders’ observations is invaluable for private reflection, in routine appraisals, and as a guide for coaching and future learning.


The aim is to learn what colleagues think of your performance, specifically to understand what you are doing well and how, looking to the future, you might become yet more effective.

The principle of confidentiality allows stakeholders to speak freely. Each interview takes its own, natural direction and respondents are invited to say whatever feels relevant.

Our account sets out the feedback and practical advice, which we interpret in the light of sound leadership practice, the culture of the organisation, and relationships that matter to you.

We offer practical recommendations that will enable you to create lasting value, emphasising ways to shift perspective, modify behaviour or communication, and adapt approach.

In practice

We interview colleagues and outside stakeholders who are familiar with your work and who are relevant to your future.

Our confidential, written account of the feedback sets what stakeholders tell us, offers our analysis, and concludes with recommendations for learning and change.

We discuss the account in a 90-minute spot coaching session or as part of a wider executive development programme.

Responsible for culture or change?

Let us answer your questions about culture, leadership, and change in a 30-minute consultation, designed for managers who want to make culture an asset. Request no-obligation call.

Quentin combines big picture and strategic thinking with actionable guidance and a personable approach. The wellbeing and interests of his clients are always paramount and the quality of his advice is very high. I highly appreciate his pragmatic approach, which many executive coaches lack (in my past experience).

Evgenia Molotova
Senior Investment Manager

Quentin has an amazing way of shaping and framing ideas to enhance clarity of thinking and deliver robust outcomes. He is a trusted authority in his field, and has the depth – of knowledge, perspective, and experience – that comes from helping senior teams and boards make the most of new opportunities.

Kate Bohn
Lloyds Banking Group

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