Executive Coaching

Our coaching enables executives and senior managers to achieve distinction in their careers and create fresh value for their colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders.
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Coaching equips you to develop strengths and secure outcomes, at pace, within your current or envisaged role. We support senior managers across diverse functions and industries.

Goals vary and yours may include, for example, to deepen relationships with stakeholders, secure buy-in to new ideas, energise diverse teams, or lead a high-profile initiative.

Many clients aspire to champion new workplace cultures, either as their main goal or to overcome barriers to the value they wish to create.


Via action-learning techniques, we work with you to demonstrate near-term changes that yield concrete results. This practical effort frames a deeper conversation on leadership confidence, strengths, methods, and style.

Here, the emphasis is to find novel ways to shift perspective, modify behaviour or communication, and adapt approach – and so find new paths to consistent and strong performance.

From hands-on experience, we know that to run a business, engage people, or encourage new ways of working is not easy. We explore the challenges you face in an empathic yet no-nonsense way.

Where relevant, we structure the conversation using models of leadership, culture, and change, to introduce ‘best practice’ or to offer fresh takes on ways to navigate a situation.

We offer the challenge, along with understanding, guidance, and support, that you find in a critical friend.

In practice

We hold in-person or video conversations, usually over several months; each session lasts one to two hours.

Where appropriate, our work is informed by recent appraisals you share with us and/or directions suggested by your line manager.

At your discretion, we run psychometrics or an online 360 for you. We can also gather confidential feedback from your colleagues and recommend ways to strengthen relationships and outcomes.

Responsible for culture or change?

Let us answer your questions about culture, leadership, and change in a 30-minute consultation, designed for managers who want to make culture an asset. Request no-obligation call.

I’ve worked with Quentin for years now and I’ve greatly enjoyed his ability to get me to think more systemically and at a higher level than the day to day work often allows.

Ben Wielgus
Head of Sustainability

Quentin draws on his wealth of experience as both a leader and a coach to challenge thinking and reveal a new direction. He has lots of practical advice for improving communication, engaging with stakeholders, and shaping a vision.

Helen Baker

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